Go ballooning!!/気球

紐を引くと、滑車がくるくる回りながら 気球が空へと昇ってゆきます。



It becomes the balloon rising to the sky when assembled.
When pulling a string, the balloon rises to the sky and the pulley spins.

(The photo below is an example of decorating. Flags and decorations used are not included in the kit.)

Go ballooning!!

・展開図 1枚 (210mm×297mm)
・説明図 1枚
・丸棒, 紐2種, 鈴

約 90mm×90mm×130mm


・development plan (210mm×297mm)
・stick, 2 strings, bell

【finished size】
adout 90mm×90mm×130mm
(string and pulley not included)